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Feeling stuck with the same old options? With Amity Graphics, now you have a choice!

Amity Graphics is a local printing company in Bemidji, Minnesota. No matter what type of printing you need, we have the experience and equipment to give you professional results every time. We also offer an exclusive line of promotional products that will help your business thrive.

What is the biggest marketing challenge you face right now? Amity has solutions to help your business or organization achieve its goals. We have a new way of doing things.

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Friendly faces. Meet our team.

 Brian Larson // Owner

Steve Hovila // Sales Representative

Tina Larson // Promotional Specialist

Mike Connell // General Manager

Connie Knutson // Graphic Designer

Gina Alianello // Graphic Designer

Kyle Schwartz // Graphic Designer

Dave Cabritit-Laing // Sales